Hi. You don’t know me, yet. I don’t know you either. Excited to adjust those words sooner than later though.

I have to come to realize and am consistently learning to accept that life is full of constant unknowns that are moving. Moving from uncertainty to becoming more familiar. From familiar to being either invaluable or regrettable. Hopefully the regrettable are few and far in between, yet not in vain.

At the core we all want the same thing. To be known, understood, respected, loved and accepted…Without take backs, right. Especially the without take backs part in this modern world.

So why not RUN full speed ahead anyway just to see where you may land?

run | verb: 1. moving at a speed faster than a walk

2. pass or cause to pass quickly or smoothly in a particular direction, move or  cause to move forcefully or with a particular result

3. flow or cause to flow

– a site Siri pulled up, from somewhere, by somebody, that one day

You and I both know what the word means. We know how to do it, though we may not actually enjoy it. Out of the two definitions given, I think I’d rather cling to the 2nd meaning. It just sounds more intentional than wandering aimlessly at a pace quicker than walking, doesn’t it?

To have the ability to maintain a steady pace, knowing when to sprint and when to take each stride as slow and sure as it comes. To take advantage of every opportunity that grace afford’s you, moving full force ahead. Unabashed, unashamed, unreserved…fully unleashed. Pausing only to catch your breath and recover so that you may run some more! Again and again. Finding your stride. That sounds like “joy” living. Oh my gosh, doesn’t is sound like freedom! And please hear me when I say this…I am not there yet, but this is the goal. The heart. The Conviction. The vision. TO STRIDE WELL!

Blinders on while running our race.

Savouring every moment.

Pouring out freely the nuggets gained along the way.