Pouring Over

Our minis are one of the biggest motivators for all that we do.

We long for more time with them and pray that we love them well. I love creating custom notes for them and introducing them to my favorite childhood storybooks. My youngest son has turned out be quite the reader over this past year and continues to awe us with his love for acquiring as much knowledge as he can. Our girls are ALL bold, fun bright lights that do not seem to dim, which is amazing in and of itself. They have their differences, of course, yet those characteristics are as true for the oldest lady as is for the littlest one. Our oldest son is a strong leader who happens to have the same hands on, jump right in and get it done mentality as his father. He figures out what he wants, sees the vision for it and will stop at nothing to see it come to fruition. We LOVE our minis.

The energy these little people display on any given day without school would make us wealthy if we could bottle and sell it! One of the many things that make coffee a necessity in our house, lol. And necessary to stop for when we’re out.

How many coffee shops would you consider kid friendly? Yep, you know, I can’t seem to think of one either. But wouldn’t it be a sight for very tired, poor eyes? Wouldn’t it be refreshing and much appreciated if someone could actually pull it off well, without compromising the integrity of the coffee shop experience…..it’s a thought we’re turning over in our heads. Who knows, maybe we could create something like that right here! We prefer to keep them close and we love coffee so, why not.