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A hint of mint?

Savour + Pour is all about living off of the land.
There are usually fewer side effects and far greater rewards. 

I CRAVE candles. Yes, you read that correctly.

The aroma of frankincense, myrrh or lavender filling the air…


Mmk, now take those smells and add a hint of mint….RIGHT?!? Sounds so yummy!

There are so many smells that I love creating for my family.

One day I thought, how much sweeter would these smells be in a candle or if I could spray those combinations around my home or mist them under our pillows to lull us to sleep or greet us as we wake in the mornings?

So I started to make tiny batches of different things for us to enjoy in more places in our home than just my diffuser. Friends would come over and just sink into the smells and wonder where I found them, but I had made them. And frankly, only in small quantities.

Today, I am proud to say that I am perfecting the art of producing larger quantities to share with others! Especially since the combinations I’ve whipped up are not sold at your everyday retailer.

One of the things near and dear to my heart is that we sell things that we would purchase ourselves. Things that we’ve created ourselves. And over the years, after several mini additions to the Mitchell Clan, I’ve become more and more aware of ingredients in the things we eat, breathe in and use. So, if I didn’t like what I saw at the store…well, I’d figure out how to make them! It also doesn’t hurt that it helps me get a few steps closer to living “off the grid” free from obscure products. #WINNING