Savouring More



Ever go into a little shop wondering what one of a kind trinkets you’ll find there?

Have a slight thing for old-timey, hand made knick knacks?

Or what about the smell of freshly cut pine or cedar lingering in the air?


All of these things are like music to my eyes! My ears and nose as well! My husband is a gifted carpenter by nature and I am absolutely convinced anything all though he continues to tell me to stop telling people that. Hope this doesn’t count…hmm…oh well. I adore him and I’m proud of his many talents. This is just one of SO MANY others, but I digress.

He has a love for:
  1. Creating things out of nothing.
  2. Thinking through the challenges of bringing old things new life.
  3. Doing it all as cost effectively as possible.
  4. Seeing other’s find JOY in what he builds for them and will hopefully become apart of their family’s more cherished moments.

We desire to bring one of kind, hand crafted, custom pieces tailored for your home and loved ones. Where metal meets wood in unique ways. Anything from tables to decor. Refurbishing pieces you have come to love, but they’ve gotten weathered over time. Why replace things that are perfectly functional when you can just give it some love and attention?