The Journey Begins

Many days start with a desire to stay wrapped up in the warmth of my thick, burnt orange, knit blanket…after making a really smooth cup of freshly pressed coffee.

See how dreamy those lines read? How soothing it felt to read, like the beginning of a story? Well, then the kids come in hiding under my side of the bed asking to play the video game while hidden so that I cannot decipher who it is asking (as if I don’t already know by the time the first word has been whispered out…mom ears, right? We always know who it is.) Yet this is still the desire and sometimes the reality with a little one curled up under me while I sit rolled up in one of my favorite blankets. Usually on the weekends or breaks from school now though instead of any given Tuesday. (deep sigh)

Life keeps changing.

My husband and I have always had a desire to do something we enjoy while helping others. We love coffee and people while both being extremely introverted. We like to work with our hands and create things…just different things and in different ways. He loves to build and tinker. Painting is sweet “in the mood” past-time of his and always being the fun guy to our kiddos. I love the written word and photographs. Organizing and decorating are a fun stress reliever I had to have inherited from my mother except I’ve learned to accept the clutter (for a tiny while) when I am exhausted and being okay with it being there until I feel up to it or someone else does it, instead always “pushing through” every single time something needs to be done. It was killing me, quite possibly literally as well, I think.

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.”

— Izaak Walton

This journey we are beginning to go for the things that the Lord continues to lay on our hearts, that we just cannot shake or get away from. To pay attention to what gives us life and brings joy so that one day what we would call work would be making a living we love to work at and build upon…it is a gift we are learning to embrace.

Building a legacy for our great-great-great grandchildren begins with us acting/moving even in the midst of fear. Being courageous knowing bravery and courage are not the absence of fear but the acknowledgment, acceptance and “going” in spite of it.

We want to live our best lives with each of you.

Running our race.

Savouring every moment.

Pouring out tirelessly.